In 2012, the Dietitians at the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit created a series of 16 short and fun YouTube videos that correspond to each question on the NutriSTEP® screening tool. The videos, called "Dietitians Dish on Preschool Nutrition", cover important key messages like how much milk is too much, how to choose whole grain foods, whether preschoolers need supplements, how much screen time is recommended, and more. The videos are used as part of their NutriSTEP® program and target low and moderate risk individuals as a way to provide credible information in a format that is entertaining and easily accessible. They encourage you to use and share the videos! Watch the videos

In 2008, Region of Waterloo Public Health added NutriSTEP® to an existing screening program being implemented throughout the Region at Child Health Fairs. Child Health Fairs are community-based events supporting the growth and development of children from birth to six years of age and offers the opportunity for children to be screened for vision, hearing, speech, dental and development. At the Fairs, parents of preschoolers are encouraged to complete the NutriSTEP® questionnaire, which is scored and reviewed by a Public Health Nutritionist. Nutrition information, educational resources and referrals are then provided depending on the level of nutrition risk identified. Offering nutrition screening for preschoolers in this busy and lively community setting has been well received by parents and community stakeholders. Plans are currently underway to train additional public health staff to implement NutriSTEP® in the HBHC program. View the case study

The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit in Southwestern Ontario is now running NutriSTEP® within their Early Years Centres/Best Start Hubs as well as the Healthy Babies Healthy Children and the Building Healthy Babies public health programs. They are also in the early stages of expanding into some of the local Family Health Teams as well. The NutriSTEP® Program includes a series of workshops targeting preschoolers and their parents, focusing on nutrition and physical activity. These workshops have been well received by the community in follow up to the questionnaire. Future plans for expansion include implementation into the remaining Family Health Teams as well as the local school board as part of the Kindergarten registration process.View the case study

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit launched NutriSTEP® in 2008 through the Fair Start program. Fair Start is a community partnership that has been proving development screening to children aged 18 months to four years for more than a decade. Adding nutrition screening with NutriSTEP® was a logical fit. In 2009 the NutriSTEP® questionnaire was also added to the JK Screening booklets that Fair Start distributes to all children registering for kindergarten in the city and district (further details and full report available at:
Learning Centre teachers, facilitators, and certified Fair Start Screeners have been trained to administer the NutriSTEP® questionnaire and provide referrals. Similar training was provided to Public Health Nurses and home visitors through the Healthy Babies Healthy Children program.View the case study

The County of Oxford Public Health and Emergency Services has successfully added NutriSTEP® to their annual Preschool Health Fair attended by parents and preschoolers from across the county. All children who participate are screened on hearing, vision, speech, dental, weight (BMI), and now nutrition, using NutriSTEP®. The health unit is now looking at the implementation of NutriSTEP® in their HBHC program.View the case study

EatRight Ontario (ERO) is a telephone, email and web based service that connects Ontarians with Registered Dietitians. It is designed to provide easy-to-use nutrition information to the consumer based on their questions. ERO is working together with NRC in Ontario to support the NutriSTEP® Program. ERO is a key support and resource for parents of preschoolers trying to access nutrition information and for community agencies wanting to implement the NutriSTEP® Program.View the case study

New Heights Community Health Centre is located in a multicultural, low income neighbourhood of Toronto. NutriSTEP® was first used by the pediatric dietitian in 2008 when doing nutrition assessments and counseling clients in her practice. As well, it has been used at Healthy Child Screenings. These screenings are partnerships with local public schools, and other community agencies, where children attend with a parent. At these events, the child’s nutrition status, as well as other health parameters (vision, hearing, dental, physical and speech development) and behaviours, are evaluated.View the case study

Alberta Health Services in the Calgary area piloted NutriSTEP® implementation in an urban and rural Community Health Centre in conjunction with preschool immunization. This pilot was able to link with the Pediatric Dietitian service at the urban location for the referral of high risk children. Recommendations are to conduct a further pilot in several centres to evaluate the proposed process as well as identify outcomes and costs. The proposed process is NutriSTEP® questionnaire distribution, completion and scoring prior to seeing the nurse who can then use the results to focus counseling. Most centres already complete a growth check/BMI screen at this visit using a well-defined protocol. NutriSTEP® makes a valuable contribution for a complete nutrition and growth screen.

New Brunswick Public Health delivers a preschool screening clinic for 3 ½ year olds under its Early Childhood Initiatives program. Screening at the 3½ Year Old Health Clinic provides an opportunity for the parent or guardian to discuss their child's growth and developmental milestones with a Public Health nurse and to obtain information on healthy choices relevant to young children. Planning is well under way to introduce NutriSTEP® at the 3 ½ Year Old clinics in the fall of 2009. New Brunswick Public Health participated in early phases of the development of NutriSTEP® and are very excited to be able to introduce a valid and reliable bilingual nutrition screening tool to their preschool population.

In the spring of 2008, York Region Community and Health Services Department piloted a self referral method in which schools distributed NutriSTEP® to parents during JK/SK registration. In September 2008, York Region participated in another pilot with a multi-ethnic population in partnership with a local school board. Parents of JK/SK students attended the Early Childhood Screening Program at their child’s school with their children. With the assistance of volunteer translators, registered dietitian and nutrition educator screeners provided brief nutrition teaching and referral guidance to parents based on their child’s NutriSTEP® results. Throughout 2009 and 2010, York Region plans to expand NutriSTEP® implementation through various settings and partners such as parent resource centres, child care centres, other school boards, doctor’s offices, public health telepractice service, Healthy Babies Healthy Children program and parent education workshops. For more information go to York Region NutriSTEP®: